Property valuations – professional, experienced, client-focused


Property valuations – professional, experienced, client-focused


Distinguished reliability

Independence and competence are the basis of our firm. A lot of people say that, but we mean it and are therefore certified according to the highest international standards.

We are an owner-run partnership of experts for property valuation. We are independent of financing, transaction and agency interests and have committed ourselves to the Code of Conduct of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We carry out intensive market and location analyses for every valuation in order to be able to make sound statements on the market compatibility of the properties to be valued. Every valuation report is prepared individually according to the client’s requirements and in compliance with the relevant laws, byelaws and regulations as well as the requirements of the RICS Red Book. Our extensive experience enables us to reliably analyse and evaluate the commercial, technical and legal aspects of a property.



Openness, transparency and integrity are the values that guide our actions. We live these values and worked in accordance with them right from the beginning.

The welfare of our clients and the general public has absolute priority over our profit. We avoid all conflicts of interest and actions or situations that are in contradiction to our professional obligations. Should any professional or personal conflicts of interest arise, we will immediately inform all parties involved. We treat all client matters with the strictest confidentiality. We describe business proceedings to our clients in an open way that is as transparent as possible.
We maintain strict neutrality at all times and are independent of financing, transactional and agency interests. We have committed ourselves and our firm to the Code of Ethics of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


We have already been providing property valuations for many years. Within the scope of our valuation practice, we have prepared expert’s reports on all common property categories for very diverse valuation purposes.

Various nationally and internationally acknowledged property valuation certificates confirm our experience, market knowledge and professionalism. Through our BIIS membership, we have access to the most comprehensive international property databases. These databases and our internal assessments as well as information made available by the boards of valuation experts provide us with up-to-date information on actual sales of all types of property.

Quality management

Our four-eye/six-eye principle ensures quality assurance in the preparation and final checking of every valuation report.

A continuous improvement process is an integral part of our policy. The training and certification of our employees and partners are fundament components of the working process. The constant professional exchange among the team during the fixed weekly meetings, within the scope of day-to-day work or during the final checking of valuation reports and the best practice code set out in the office manual ensures the consistently high standard of our services.

Service quality

Commissioned services are always carried out punctually, taking into consideration the high standards expected of us with regard to service quality and client support.

A database system tailored to our needs enables us to comprehensively monitor all assignments currently in progress. Our professional office organisation, which has been developed in many years of practice, supports the team significantly in meeting even short deadlines. We always adapt the form and scale of our services to our clients' needs.


Compliance with statutory provisions and data protection requirements is continuously monitored.

Automatic e-mail encryption is part of our security standard. Our IT is subject to continuous adaptation of the server-client structure to ensure data security and failure prevention. Our valuations are backed by effective pecuniary loss insurance.


Our expertise

Our employees are experts. They have experience and expertise in diverse areas of the property industry. With their personal commitment and their passion, they make important contributions to every single project.

Our team comprises certified experts with many years of experience in property valuation and degrees in architecture, business administration, property management and geography, as well as research specialists and an efficient office management. Our interdisciplinary approach means that the know-how from all of these specialist fields flows into our valuations. The continuous professional development of the entire team ensures consistent, high quality and client satisfaction.


Your Partners

Dirk Fischer-Appelt MRICS

Professional Member of the Royal
Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS)
Immobiliengutachter CIS HypZert (F)
Recognised European Valuers (REV)
Diplom-Immobilienökonom (ADI)
Architekt (Hamburgische Architektenkammer)
Dipl.-Ing. Architektur (RWTH)

Mark Kipp-Thomas FRICS

Professional Member of the Royal
Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS)
Immobiliengutachter CIS HypZert (F)
Recognised European Valuers (REV)
Diplom-Immobilienökonom (ADI)
Architekt (Hamburgische Architektenkammer)
Dipl.-Ing. Architektur (FH)

Our clients’ welfare is an absolute priority

Our clients are national and international commercial banks and mortgage banks, institutional investors, courts, tax advisors, auditors and private individuals.


Property valuation

For us, property valuation means understanding the market and its players.


The partners at your side

Our team comprises certified experts and an efficient office management.