Property valuations – professional, experienced, client-focused


Property valuations – professional, experienced, client-focused

Property valuation

Diverse perspectives

As experts, we have a profound knowledge of the market and an independent eye. Our valuations are commissioned for numerous different reasons and purposes. They provide orientation for our clients on the value, potential and risks of their properties as a basis for their decisions. We provide our expert services independently, on a sound basis and in line with the market.

Fund valuation

FA|KT Valuation provides services for a number of open-end and closed-end property funds in Germany, regarding both purchases and recurring valuations. Both Dirk Fisher-Appelt and Mark Kipp-Thomas were accredited by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as external valuers.

Mortgage valuation

Preparing valuation reports on market value and mortgage lending value for regional banks (Landesbanken), commercial banks and Pfandbrief banks as well as savings banks is one of FA|KT Valuation’s main areas of activity. With our certified property valuers for financial purposes (CIS HypZert (F), we offer our clients a high standard of competence and many years of experience in financial valuation.

Balance-sheet valuation

We prepare property valuation reports for balance sheet purposes on all types of companies, particularly publicly listed property companies. In accordance with the client company’s accounting approach, the valuation reports on property portfolios fulfil the requirements of the German Commercial Code (HGB) or the international IFRS/IAS Standard as well as the auditors’ standard.

Inheritance tax and gift tax valuations

For a large number of properties, standardised valuation of real property by the tax offices for the assessment of inheritance tax and gift tax does not give fair results that reflect the situation in the market. This is due to the general approach in which the actual condition of the property and the decisive area ratios are not examined. The actual value pursuant to Sec. 198 German Valuation Act (Bewertungsgesetz) can be proved with a valuation report on fair market value.

Apportionment land & buildings

The amount of tax depreciation on the building value is a significant item in the overall consideration of the profitability of a property investment. Standardised calculations by tax offices do not take the actual structural condition and state of repair into account. This leads to a decline in yield on the property investment. For the allowance for depreciation, the appropriate proportionate value of the building can be proved to the tax office on the basis of an expert's valuation report.

Portfolio valuation

Our experience in valuing on an individual or row basis, our technical facilities (database systems etc.) and the team size and strength needed for dealing with larger contract volumes at short notice provide a sound basis for the valuation of portfolios.

Valuation of rights and encumbrances

The valuation of rights and encumbrances is an elementary part of valuation. Besides the classical rights and encumbrances such as ground leases, dwelling rights, pipeline wayleaves, etc., we have valued the most diverse rights including provisions for retired farmers.

Consultancy services

Providing good advice is the essence of our work

Our clients appreciate our sound recommendations based on a wealth of experience and current market data. In addition to preparing valuation reports, we advise our clients on all matters relating to their property. We analyse properties, locations and markets and support our clients in their strategic planning.

Strategic advice for property portfolio holders

Our market knowledge, gained over many years, enables us to reliably analyse and structure your property portfolio and to classify it within current market developments. We prepare draft proposals for conversion, optimisation and letting and support our clients in developing revitalisation and utilisation strategies. Our clients are companies from different sectors with property portfolios as well as the public sector.

Consultancy services on property investments

We analyse the profitability of property investments for our clients neutrally and independently. We give our clients continued support in their investment decisions, based on current market data, our experience and long-term market observation. We illustrate opportunities, risks and alternatives to our clients.

Development valuations

We estimate forecast values for property projects on the condition after completion at current value ratios.

Market / location analyses

A detailed analysis of the location and the submarket forms the basis of every valuation of existing properties or building projects. We offer our clients in-depth analyses for their investment decisions.

Technical services

Experience obliges

We apply our technical background and our practical experience for the benefit of our clients. As economists and engineers, we see the different facets and can clearly recognise prospects.

Project monitoring

In addition to the partners, Dirk Fischer-Appelt and Mark Kipp-Thomas, several team members have many years of professional experience in the building industry. Dirk Fischer-Appelt also has several years of experience in construction management. We prepare building progress reports and monitor the use of funds for credit institutions as independent property experts with a technical background.

Technical Due Diligence Investigations

Our valuations always include a non-destructive inspection of the property with regard to floor plan quality, structural condition and state of repair, and fit-out standard as well as the identification of a possible backlog of repairs. In addition, we provide technical investigations in the form of technical due diligence (TDD) in collaboration with an external partner.

Teaching and association activities

Knowledge unites

Everyone benefits from a network. In teaching, education and association work, we are passionate in conveying our knowledge to others and contributing our experience.

Besides their work as valuation experts, both partners are actively involved in professional associations. Both Dirk Fischer-Appelt and Mark Kipp-Thomas are full members of Bundesverband der Immobilien-Investment-Sachverständigen e.V., the German national association of property investment experts (BIIS). They both have CIS HypZert (F) certification and are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as well as being Recognised European Valuers − REV. Dirk Fischer-Appelt and Mark Kipp-Thomas are members of the RICS examination committee and examine candidates seeking membership in the professional association or support candidates preparing for this examination.

They both teach at Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft (ADI) in Berlin in the field of property valuation. In addition, they give lectures at diverse institutions (Hamburgische Architektenkammer – Hamburg chamber of architects –, BfW etc.) and are also authors of reference books. Dirk Fischer-Appelt is a member of the team of specialists on industrial properties at HypZert e. V.

Our clients’ welfare is an absolute priority

Our clients are national and international commercial banks and mortgage banks, institutional investors, courts, tax advisors, auditors and private individuals.


Property valuation

For us, property valuation means understanding the market and its players.


The partners at your side

Our team comprises certified experts and an efficient office management.